Patios & Decking

A professional clean will improve the appearance, safety and longevity of your patio or decking area. This in itself can boost the property’s appearance and kerb appeal and provide a new lease of life for your relaxing and entertainment areas.

Regular cleans will avoid costly repairs or replacements, making this a more sustainable and economically beneficial option for your home or business.

Exterior wood can decay due to the ongoing exposure of sun, water, and mould, or simply from a build of general dirt from day to day use. Regular cleaning can help keep your decking looking clean and ready to use. Using our powerful cleaning systems, we can also remove most stains and discolouration from your decking and patio areas, which can be caused by oil stains, spills, atmospheric pollution, weeds, moss and slippery algae.

It is recommended that a professional clean is carried out every 12-18 months depending on the condition of the existing patio or decking.

Treatments such as fungicidal wash or weedkiller can be applied either before or after pressure washing to ensure regrowth from algae, moss spores and weeds are slowed down.

ProClean Powerwash Ltd are a family run, experienced and professional team who strive to offer you the best possible service. If you have any questions regarding what’s best for your decking or patio, we can help. We offer no-obligation visits to your property or workplace to discuss your requirements and help you make the best decision.