Offices Domestic & Commercial

Our softwash system is ideal for cleaning office units. This service is safe for use on most known building materials and does not risk damage to the property.

The products we use when carrying out the service are non-abrasive and long-lasting. Our specialist soft washing system endeavours to remove all organic and environmental dirt and growth, along with discolouration, stains, and spills.

A professional clean will boost the appearance of your office, helping to attract clients and impressing your visitors. Regular cleans will avoid costly repairs or replacements, making this a more sustainable and economically beneficial option for your business.

To clean areas such as entrances, pathways and steps, powerwashing is the more suitable approach. Our team can discuss this with you, and we can arrange for multiple services to be carried out. For more information, please visit the powerwash section of our website

ProClean Powerwash Ltd are a family run, experienced and professional team, who strive to offer you the best possible service. If you have any questions regarding what’s best for your office building, we can help. We offer no-obligation visits to the property to discuss your requirements and help you make the best decision.