Graffiti Removal

Finding out that your property has been vandalised can be frustrating, but attempting to clean the surface yourself could lead to further damage and time wasted. We can take care of the removal, leaving you free to focus on something better! We endeavour to remove graffiti at short notice so that no offensive images or statements are seen by your neighbours, customers, or the public.

We can remove graffiti from a large range of exterior surfaces such as masonry, paving, brickwork, metal, and wood with a mix of specialist chemicals and power washing. The main cleaning action is achieved by the product, allowing us to use lower pressures for washing down. This prevents possible damage to the surface.

It’s best to contact us about removal as quickly as possible, as this will discourage others from vandalising in response, and make the paint slightly less challenging to remove.

ProClean Powerwash Ltd are a family run, experienced and professional team, who strive to offer you the best possible service. If you have any questions regarding the removal of graffiti from your property, then we can help. We offer no-obligation visits to the property to discuss your requirements and help you make the best decision.