Gutter Cleaning

Over time, moss, leaves, muck, silt, and other debris builds up along your guttering. If not properly maintained, you risk long-term damage to your property which may involve costly repairs and replacements.

One of the main issues which arise from blockages is when rainwater is unable to drain properly. Overflowing gutters will lead to water running down the wall, which could then cause damp patches to appear inside the property. Water can also damage the stonework and window frames. The extra weight can also begin to pull the gutter away from the wall, especially in the winter periods with the onset of snow, a safety concern which is easily avoided by a simple clean.

We use the Sky-Vac System from ground level, which saves both time and money. This highly effective ‘vacuum’ technique allows us to work safely without the use of cherry pickers or ladders and poses no risk of damage to your property. Our system reaches up to 12meters from ground level.

It is recommended that gutters are professionally cleaned every year.

ProClean Powerwash Ltd are a family run, experienced and professional team, who strive to offer you the best possible service. If you have any questions regarding what’s best for your gutters, then we can help. We offer no-obligation visits to the property to discuss your requirements and help you make the best decision.